TRIGON SELECT in close cooperation with the SOUZLEGPROM (RUSSIA), IAF (international Apparel Federation) and official German Fashion Association (GermanFashion) has developed a unique programme for evaluating, rating and certifying and promoting apparel producers based on their manufacturing, management and marketing capabilities.

The idea for developing this evaluation and rating programme arose from the circumstance that so far there was no such instrument (a) recognized by any international body/organisation (b) ensuring a high level of objectivity in the assessment of the manufacturing capabilities of apparel producers.

Because of the unique character of this instrument, the International Apparel Federation ‘IAF’, who are fully endorsing this programme, has accepted TRIGON SELECT as the their only official partner for the certification, rating, and promotion of apparel producers based on their manufacturing, management and marketing capabilities.

The International Apparel Federation ‘IAF’ is the global federation of the apparel industry representing over 60 national apparel associations of garment manufacturers and/or buyers - either fashion brands or retailers - in all continents.

According to the ‘IAF’ and their affiliated national apparel and fashion associations this is a worldwide unique programme for evaluating, rating and certifying apparel manufacturers based on recognized professional industry standards. TRIGON SELECT’s ratings are based on professional, objective and very comprehensive assessments of apparel manufacturers’ capabilities, covering every aspect of apparel manufacturing, management and marketing.


It is the only worldwide evaluation, rating and certification based on manufacturing, management and marketing capabilities issued with, and recognized by, the International Apparel Federation ‘IAF’.


It is the only worldwide evaluation and rating programme based on around 230 criteria where for each criteria, standards for the 4 rating levels have been defined making it the most objective evaluation and rating instrument available.

Looking for a reliable apparel producers?

The benefits resulting from Certification programme and our professional approach for brands in the fashion industry, buyers, retailers, companies placing orders in production:

  • improve and simplify the awareness of clothing buying companies, fashion brands placing orders for production and their communication with suitable manufacturers;
  • to have the first reliable source of verified professional data providing the real picture of approved suppliers across the Russian apparel manufacturing sector;
  • provide the opportunity to reduce the cost of production in terms of logistics costs with the required product quality and the possibility of reducing the delivery time of products.

The identification of suitable suppliers is a key objective in the sourcing process and professional buyers require verified and more detailed info/data on their potential suppliers in order to make their sourcing decisions.

«Buyers extremely welcome the opportunity of finding with a focused and targeted approach and without wasting time apparel producers able to suit them in terms of manufacturing and service capabilities.»

Major international buyers report that all the current databases rely on information provided by apparel suppliers on their capabilities which is generally very inaccurate - unverified information/data is worthless.

The Certification process (briefly)


TRIGON SELECT certified specialists visit the manufacturing unit(s) of each company and evaluate their manufacturing capabilities covering all relevant aspects.


The evaluation process consists of over 230 criteria covering every aspect of the capabilities in manufacturing systems, organisation, management and marketing of the apparel supplier.


The field work will include verification of data through a process of inspection, observations and interviews with relevant manufacturing and support staff within the various sites visited.

To this end at the completion of the in-plant evaluation we divide the operation into the principle 10 components:


Production facilities & processes


Production performance


Delivery performance


Production planning & Control




Human resources


Working conditions


Material sourcing (if carried out)





After the successful evaluation of the apparel manufacturer by Trigon Select, an official certificate will be issued.


To indicate the level of manufacturing capability, the Trigon Select/IAF Apparel Supplier ratings are based on the following 4 grades:


The 4 rating grades apply on every level of the evaluation including on each of the over 230 evaluation criteria.

Сomplete information about the certified company will appear in the first database of verified and approved Russian apparel manufactures.

Visit the only database of producers evaluated, rated and certified by professional specialists included all relevant info/data for buyers.

  • The cost of participation in the International Certification Program is On request
  • The cost of participation in the Program for members of the Russian Union of Entrepreneurs of the Textile and Light Industry is On request

*  The price does not include the cost of travel and accommodation for a specialist and does not take into account the current exchange rate. The certificate is valid for 2 years.



International fashion brands, buyers, retailers, companies that place orders at production sites with their own requests, needs and expectations


Clothing manufacturers of the Russian Federation, CIS, UES and Ukraine of the required level of competitiveness, quality of management and marketing