Trigon Select LLC aims

To strategically develop the Russian clothing manufacturing sector , which implies improving the production, management and marketing capabilities of clothing manufacturers and increasing the competencies of each individual employee of the manufacturer's company.


The sewing enterprise development strategy programs include the following possible activities:

  • creation of a new sewing enterprise from 0
  • organization of new production operations in the manufacture of clothing
  • productivity increase - support for customization, adaptation and reorganization of IT systems
  • work on individual requests and much more

You will get:


Increasing competitiveness


Improved handling


Increasing profitability


Increasing customer focus

We are trusted by certified companies

  • The cost of services depends on the individual tasks and goals of the customer and ranges On request
  • The work is carried out in stages. The cost of each stage and the list of works are determined individually.

* Cost "from". The price does not include the cost of travel and accommodation for a specialist and does not take into account the current exchange rate.