Processing in the customs territory

«Processing in the customs territory» is not an easy but extremely profitable procedure for production structures, which allows Russian exporting companies to import and use foreign components, raw materials and components for the production of their products without paying customs duties, special payments and VAT.

Competent application of this procedure significantly expands the horizons for business development, especially in the textile and light industry.

The processing procedure in the customs territory is specially designed for domestic producers who produce export products using imported raw materials and components.

The essence of the process is as follows: foreign goods intended for production at a Russian enterprise are imported for the processing period without paying customs duties and payments. Thus, if the finished product is exported, there are significant savings.

The new customs and tax legislation has significantly expanded the application of benefits:

  • the need for payment of customs duties and payments (previously mandatory) has been abolished),
  • when importing fabrics and accessories for your own production, you do not need to provide declarations of conformity
  • when re-exporting finished products, a VAT rate of 0% is provided.

pererabotka2 1.jpg An expert article for processing on customs territory, by the Chairman of the Committee for customs policy SOUZSLAVPROM, a member of the Advisory Council for implementation of customs policy under FCS of Russia, the General Director of "Just Logistics" Ludmilla Teselkina in RBC (in Russian) -