Creating a promoted The TRIGON SELECT/IAF Database of Verified/Approved Apparel Suppliers will improve and simplify the awareness of buying companies.

The identification of suitable suppliers is a key objective in the sourcing process and professional buyers require verified and more detailed info/data on their potential suppliers in order to make their sourcing decisions.

Major international buyers report that all the current databases rely on information provided by apparel suppliers on their capabilities which is generally very inaccurate - unverified information/data is worthless.

Therefore, we have developed the first The TRIGON SELECT/IAF Database of Verified/Approved Apparel Suppliers for Russian apparel manufacturers, based on our Certification programme - the first reliable source of verified/approved apparel suppliers.

Only companies meeting with The TRIGON SELECT/IAF requirements in terms of capabilities acceptable to professional buyers can be included in this database.

Our goal is to connect quality Manufacturers with as many potential customers as possible

The Trigon Select / IAF Database of Verified/Approved Apparel Suppliers is structured as follows:


Name; Address, Languages Spoken, Year Established, Facilities/Buildings, Website, Contact Details, Staff: Total/Production/Administration. Ownership.


Product Range/ Materials, Core Product Competence, Market Level of Products, CMCMT/Full Service, Major Markets Served, Major Current Customers, Own Collections/Brands, Production Capacity, Sustainability, Subcontractors, Lead Times.


Material Procurement, Material Inspection, Material Storage, Testing Laboratory, Own Design Team, Own Product Development, CAD, Cutting/CAM, Flat Bed Knitting, Sock Knitting, Linking, Sampling, Sewing, Pressing/Finishing, Washing, Printing, Embroidery, Packaging, Quality Control Inspection, Production Planning, Production Control, Production Engineering, In House Maintenance.


Overall Rating, Comments

The Trigon Select / IAF Database of Verified / Approved Apparel Suppliers is your guide to a high standard and reliable Russian Apparel Manufactures.

The Database is under construction.